Monday, October 22, 2018

Scuba Equipment Rental for Recreational and Technical Diving Now Available

Do you need scuba diving equipment for an upcoming class, trip, or a dive weekend. Rental equipment is available for all students and divers including hard to find sizes! The entire rental cost for open water or recreational specialties is only $65 when diving in a wetsuit for and $115 when diving in a drysuit. Technical courses or specialties are priced according to specific items that are rented. If I don't have what you're looking for or need, just ask. I'll try to get it for you. Equipment is usually delivered to the student at their certification dive location, however I can come to you for sizing and fitting if you're not one of my students. Please call 503-935-2698 for details.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Paul gets Open Water Scuba Certified in Monterey, California

A friend referred Paul to me and I flew down to teach him how to scuba dive. We stayed in Monterey and dove at "Breakwater," San Carlos Beach Park. The water was in the high 50's to low 60's. As you can see in the video, lots of animals and a beautiful kelp forest. Paul learned to dive in a drysuit. Learning to dive in a drysuit and learning good buoyancy from the beginning is totally doable. All of our dives were shore entries. All water work was done at this site!

If you are thinking of learning to dive, give me a call and if the starfish align, I can come train you to dive as well!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

sund rock

Using my new Intova Connex video camera and a close-up lens... I don't buy expensive underwater cameras anymore because flooding is too much of a risk. This camera was $65 brand new, still sealed in the box. The close-up lens was $18. The deepest part of our dive was to 117ft. I'm also using two inexpensive video lights from China that cost about $25 each. For $133, I've got HD quality. So... why do people have to spend on underwater cameras? They don't... (p.s. sorry for not setting the clock on the video camera)

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Open Letter to the Dive Community Concerning Sund Rock Dive Beach


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Open Letter to the Dive Community Concerning Sund Rock Dive Beach

I am writing this letter to the dive community in an effort to give some history and insight into the Sund Rock dive beach.  As far back as the early 60’s divers have been drawn to the unique underwater structure and habitat of Sund Rock.  Named for my family who homesteaded there prior to statehood. 

In the early days, divers were more of the hunter gatherer type.  Divers would park on highway 101, hike down the steep bank at the state turnout, don their gear and set out for a long surface swim to the rock.   Some would trespass and were chased out by my grandfather who had some rather creative ways to deal with a trespassing scuba diver!  They often left trash, fires and over harvested the lingcod, wolf eel, rock cod and octopus to near extinction.  

Fast forward to my father’s generation who in conjunction with the University of Washington created the underwater preserve.  As the years went on a new diver began to visit the site; observing, taking photos, doing fish counts and enjoying the underwater wonders.  Divers still did not have access to the beach other than the state turn out on highway 101, same steep bank and long surface swim. 

Tab to my generation who entered into an agreement with Hoodsport n Dive back in the 90’s and created an opportunity for divers to drive down to the Sund Rock beach, have a water entry and park off the highway.  The relationship with the dive community improved and there seemed to be a mutual respect between the family and dive community.  Divers appreciated the access and the family has appreciated the respect and care the divers have shown for the property, above and below the water.  It is my hope that this mutual respect continues.

As the Sund Family begins to manage the entry to the beach, there may be a few changes in policy and procedure.  We are hoping to build relationships with divers who truly care about the environment, and the creatures that inhabit the site above and below the water.  Simply by loving the site so much, our overuse of the area has taken a toll.  The family considers the beach to be a partnership of sorts.  We will provide limited access, a maintained road, porta potty, gear up benches, monitored entry and continue to add amenities such as a picnic area, a campsite, better lighting and hopefully a fresh water rinse area up top.  In exchange we ask that you sign in, pay a fee, take any trash you create with you, drive slowly up the road, take pictures and observe sea life from a distance, be aware the effect of excessive finning has on visibility and organisms, no harvesting of any kind, and close/lock the gate behind you. 

In the short term, we plan to open access to the beach on Saturdays and Sundays thru the summer from 9am to 4pm.  Registration and payment will be at the gate.  We are set up to take credit cards or cash.  The entry fee will be $15, which includes tax.   Weekday, night dives, off hours and group access can be arranged by emailing Cindy Sund at   

Check out the Glamping camp site on Airbnb, it’s perched above the rock, has power, heat and a hot shower!  Ask for a tour next time you come out for a dive. 

Our family feels blessed to be the stewards of this special place and we enjoy sharing it with those divers that share our respect and gratitude for the land, water and wildlife that inhabit the site.  


Cindy Sund

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Learn to Scuba Dive with Mom for Mother's day and take 25% lessons, specialties, or "Try Scuba"

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY...!!! In honor of all the ladies out there that are proud to be called mom, sign up before May 13, 2018 at 11:59pm and use PROMO CODE: MOMSDAY to receive 25% off when mom and kids sign up for scuba diving lessons! Applies to certified moms and kids that want to take a specialty course together, too! If mom and kids would like to "Try Scuba" out in the pool, take 25% off that as well. Moms and kids older than 10, please. Sorry dads, but this deal is for all the hard-working moms out there. #scuba #mothersday #happymothersday #scubawithmom #learntoscubadive #mothersdayspecial

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