Sunday, November 11, 2018

Pre-Black Friday Scuba Diving Special Offer

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Want to learn how to dive, continue your scuba education, or need a refresher course? This is your opportunity. Call me right now! 72.4% of you are reading this on your cell phone this very moment. ☎📞
Now until November 22nd, the day before "Black Friday," when you and a buddy sign up to learn how to scuba dive each of you will receive 22% off lessons. That can save both of you up to $154 each. But wait... there's more. 😱🙊
Already certified and want to take a specialty course? Deep, Drysuit, Night, or Navigation are 50% off -- you pick one, but just one -- not two, not three, definitely not four... just one -- IT'S 50% OFF, MAN...!!! 🔥💰🐙
If it's been more than 12 months since your last dive (made me light-headed just imagining that), join me for a day of diving in the Puget Sound to refresh your diving skills! We'll cover emergencies, dive planning, entries and exits, proper weighting, gas management, and situational awareness. Oh, and we'll even do three dives! Had to squeeze those in there, too. 😬 👌🙆
There are no other fees or books to buy but rental equipment and/or lodging is not included, if applicable. 🏩 😎
Last but not least, keep November 23rd on your calendar if you are a family of four! This year's Black Friday offer will be ludicrous...!!! You'll have to follow this ludicrous link, that ludicrous day, for a ludicrous offer you won't believe: ⏳🌋🐲


Monday, October 22, 2018

Scuba Equipment Rental for Recreational and Technical Diving Now Available

Do you need scuba diving equipment for an upcoming class, trip, or a dive weekend. Rental equipment is available for all students and divers including hard to find sizes! The entire rental cost for open water or recreational specialties is only $65 when diving in a wetsuit for and $115 when diving in a drysuit. Technical courses or specialties are priced according to specific items that are rented. If I don't have what you're looking for or need, just ask. I'll try to get it for you. Equipment is usually delivered to the student at their certification dive location, however I can come to you for sizing and fitting if you're not one of my students. Please call 503-935-2698 for details.

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Pre-Black Friday Scuba Diving Special Offer

#scuba #scubadivinglessons #learntoscubadive #PortlandOR #VancouverWA #BlackFriday #LudicrousSpeed Want to learn how to dive, con...