Sunday, September 18, 2016

Learn to scuba dive in the PNW. Let me show you how. You know you've always wanted to do it...

Private Scuba Diving Lessons

Scuba Certification and Refresher Courses

CPR & First Aid Training

Portland and Vancouver

JCA Elite Scuba provides the best scuba diving lessons, certification, Basic Life Support: CPR & First Aid training in Oregon and Washington. Your scuba diving certification will be taught on your schedule, where you can take as long as you want with individualized and personal attention. I come to you for classes AND on your schedule... Finish your training in a few days or a few weeks. There is never a rush to have to keep up with others or at their pace. Learning modes include textbook, online learning, e-Book, DVD, and every student will receive direct facilitation from a NAUI, DAN, and TDI Instructor.
Has it been a while since you've been diving? Need a refresher course?  Refresher courses can be conducted in the pool and/or on a dive. Content includes: equipment setup/breakdown, dive planning, skills review, skills evaluation, and more. Please click HERE to see the refresher course outline.
Every student always get more than just the basics because I believe in "Dive Safety Through Education" and building confidence through competence. I want you to become a great diver and have experiences that will last you a lifetime! In a hurry? Expedited services available.

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