Saturday, July 29, 2017

Off to the Channel Islands for 4 days of diving...!!! I am so excited.

In a little more than 24-hours, many of us will be on the road or catching a flight to Santa Barbara, California. We're setting off for 4 days of diving on a Truth Aquatics Liveaboard in the glorious Northern Channel Islands.

It's been 10 years, and over 1600 dives since I've been to the islands and many years since my last liveaboard. I am sooooo excited...!!! The variety of animals, the kelp forests, and the full service that comes with being able to have an extended stay on a dive boat is one of the best parts about diving I've grown to love.

The years of teaching others to dive has been so incredibly fulfilling. Being able to share my passion with you and see how you've evolved into the greatest divers I've ever known is what keeps me going. Diving is fun, but sharing it with all of you is a dream come true.

I know that there are those out there that have just started. One day you'll be able to look back and see how far you've come, will be amazed at what you've seen, and best of all, have memories of the experiences that have truly shaped your lives.

Occasionally, I think to myself, I hope I will still be able to do this when 50, 60, and 70... but the truth is, I can't imagine doing anything else. Thank you for helping me get here and thank you for helping me continue to do it.

I'll be back in a week!


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Choosing your technical instructor. An article from TDI. My respone...

Very nice. I actually teach this to Open Water students but expand upon this premise to include another couple of ideas. What was described were the virtues of the instructor, what you'll learn, and sometimes what you'll pay. I don't want my students to think the instruction was great because they had a spectacular time, I want them to know it's great because they know it will keep them safe.

The aspect I teach comes from the phenomenon of Who's the Barber, here?

Please watch the video and you'll see what I'm talking about. The moral of that story is that divers will inevitably run into instructors that will tell the student, "I've been doing this for 30 years!" ...and because of this, you shouldn't question what I'm telling you.

We've all seen those divers that we can't explain why the are so bad, and I'm guessing it's from following orders or copying what they're seeing. Diving equipment has changed tremendously, instruction is different, and lastly standards have changed. Anyone telling another that their skills, advice, and abilities from 30 years ago should supersede today's or common sense, needs to find another instructor.

Yes, it's not always this black and white, however, I'm training divers to become autonomous and once I've cut that proverbial umbilical cord, they have to be able to make decisions without the assistance of the instructor; me... If they can't do that, are not willing to do that, or believe that the instruction they may get elsewhere will never do them wrong, then they're not ready to be on their own.

Sure, this is subjective but if something doesn't look or feel right, IT'S NOT RIGHT for them...!!!

There are times when an instructor has to push a little more to get the reluctant student to get to that next level, but anxiety from the student shouldn't be a roadblock, it should be a speed bump that tells them to slow down... It's not something they can't do, but something that will make them a better diver because they won't put themselves or others (including the instructor) at risk.

Anxiety can be learnt to be dealt with. Stop, Breathe, Think, and Act. If panic sets in, there's nothing that can be done except to bolt to the surface. We must fix the issue first, where their at -- underwater. The surface is their final destination.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Open Water Weekend and Scuba Diving Certification of Father and Son. Hoo...

Father and Son complete their certification dives in the Puget Sound and then go out on their required fun dive! No instructor...!!! They get to plan the dive, do the dive, fix any issues themselves, and return to shore. Father got certified ages ago but took a long time away from diving so he did the whole course with his son. This young man is only 13, but is required to do ALL the skills that the adults do. He earned his Junior Scuba Certification, but I will dive with him any time, any place, and to any depth.

Great job guys! I've very proud of you.




Thank you very much!


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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dry Drowning: Know the Signs. #scuba #drydrowning #drowning #poolsafety

It sounds scary: A child can seem fine after getting out of a pool or body of water but then start to have trouble breathing an hour -- or up to 24 hours -- later. You'll worry a whole lot less once you know the signs of submersion injuries, and how to prevent them.

Adults, please see an emergency room if you aspirate water. Even though you may cough most of it out, there is a great risk for something very similar and even pneumonia.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitters Recall

Suunto has identified a potential safety risk affecting all Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitters and Suunto Tank PODs which wirelessly transmit tank air pressure to compatible Suunto dive computers. In two reported incidents, the exterior case of a Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitter have failed during regular dry land pressure testing. Although extremely rare, this represents a potential risk of injury, due to risk of bursting.

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