Saturday, April 7, 2018

Elearning, self-study programs, student motivation, and Easter eggs!

I've been seeing something for years, really since I went to college, but I didn't think I'd see it in scuba diving...  Here are some questions that I'll try to answer or at the very least get some of the other instructors to think about.

  • Are your students rushing through the reading material? 
  • Are they actually reading it or just skimming?
  • What is the student's level of comprehension after completing self-study instead of in-class participation, presentation, or lecture?
  • Are students just getting answers to pass the quizzes or final exam?
  • How well do you think students would do if they were given the final exam at the end of the course, after the certification dives?
  • If students missed questions on the final exam but they are allowed to pass the final after "reviewing" wrong answers with the instructor and acknowledging that they understand, do they or are they just nodding their heads?
  • Did they find the Easter eggs?




Quizzes and Final Exams.

Alternate test taking criteria.

Blank stares and glassy eyes.

Easter eggs.

My Educational Review.

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