Saturday, November 16, 2019

JCA Elite Scuba Now Offers Edge HOG Scuba Diving Equipment

If you need a new reg or a full kit, we can take care of you! Dive shops are not created equal, nor are online shops...

Check out the JCA Elite Scuba Difference

Do you live in Oregon? Oregonians don't pay sales tax... Not in Oregon? JCA Elite Scuba will pay the sales tax for you! Sales taxes are necessary, however, those in Oregon do save about 8% on the price points of the merchandise they buy locally. As such, if you don't live in Oregon, JCA Elite Scuba will pay that tax for you. EBay and Amazon are now collecting those taxes for each state and soon every online merchant will be required to do so as well. JCA Elite Scuba wants you to have that advantage, too.

If you live in Oregon or Washington, JCA Elite Scuba can even come to you to deliver your items in person. However, those out of state deserve the same great delivery expectations. So, if you order $100 or more JCA Elite Scuba will pay for the shipping cost to you. If something you buy doesn't fit, JCA Elite Scuba will pay to ship it back to us for an exchange to a size that fits you better.

The other guys offer "Parts for Life" but their labor costs several hundred dollars. When you buy the parts from us, JCA Elite Scuba will service the equipment for FREE! Clever marketing slogans are not helping the dive industry. "Parts for Life" sounds like a great concept, but service kits and parts for regulators are incredibly inexpensive. Sometimes they are even given to the dive shops for free. As we all are all to familiar, it's the hourly rate for servicing everything that gets you; be it automobile repair, calling the plumber, and even seeing the doctor.

Did your kids outgrow their suits? Free exchanges for junior divers when they do at least twelves dives a year! We want to keep them diving. If the Junior Diver outgrows their neoprene thermal/environmental protection, we will exchange the item once per year, free of charge. Just pay the shipping both ways.

When you buy a complete setup, discounts always apply! Let JCA Elite Scuba customize the gear that really works for you, you won't outgrow, and that you didn't overpay for...Shop smarter! If you don't need it, Don't buy it... I know that sometimes divers have money burning holes in their pockets, but save it for additional education. Training and diving make being in the water easier and then one becomes a better diver. Equipment on the other hand only changes the wearer's comfort.

• Upgrade your gear and get an in-store credit
• Discounts on lessons with equipment purchases
• Referral credit for sending your dive buddies to buy gear from us
• Free loaner equipment for international destinations if we certify you

JCA Elite Scuba

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

NEW VS. USED SCUBA EQUIPMENT; Which should you buy?


Which should you buy?

How much is a 10 year old piece of scuba equipment worth today on eBay?

Take the retail price and divide that by two... That's the typical mark-up... Then, take 10% off every year up to 10 years. If it's older than that, continuing to drop the price isn't worth it because no one will let it go for that.

People have this obsession with value and when they own it, they think it's as valuable as the day they bought it... That sentimental cost ("The Endowment Effect" -- see below) actually costs them and they're trying to make it up. It's kind of like the buyer of a stock at $1 who sees it rises to $100 and then drop to $0.01 but will hold on to it because it will rebound!

In the scenario above, if the owner would have sold it at the five year mark, they could have gotten $147.52 instead of $87.16. If you haven't used it in 5 years, you probably aren't getting back into diving... Sell it! $500÷2−25−22.50−20.25−18.23−16.40−14.76−13.29−11.96−10.76−9.69=$87.16

That's 30% versus 17% -- That's a big difference... Are there people out there that will pay the 5 year value of $147.52 for a 10 year old item? Sure. That's still a good price for it compare to what it costs new.

However, there is so much used gear out there that another one will eventually find its way back to the market.

If you're going to try to sell that gear to a dive shop, you probably won't get half the 10 year value and they will end up selling it for more than what it cost wholesale when it was new.

Does that mean you shouldn't buy new scuba gear? No, but I do believe your biggest investment should be in education. That is the best value for your hard earned dollars.

One last thing... Is used gear not as good, not as safe and not as reliable as new? ABSOLUTELY NOT...!!!

Watch this video on the "Endowment Effect"

JCA Elite Scuba Now Offers Edge HOG Scuba Diving Equipment

If you need a new reg or a full kit, we can take care of you! Dive shops are not created equal, nor are online shops... Check out...