Monday, May 29, 2017

Business as usual... if you aren't making enough money from your customers, lie to them...!!!

5/28/2017: UPDATE
email received (even though I unsubscribed): Sun, May 28, 2017 at 11:53 PM
image of the email:

"I have yet to receive negative feedback from either of the courses. So why not spend less than 5 mins of your time to help improve others' diving safety and performance by letting them know what you thought of the classes?"


Yes, I am the ONLY one, but sending an email out that says you have yet to receive negative feedback, that is a lie! As far as your wish to "save me from the undue negative attention," I don't need to be protected. I've been very vocal about what is wrong with the dive industry and how to fix it. The problem continues to be that many are focused on "business as usual" and to change anything would result in negatively impacting their pocketbooks!

You have just did exactly that which I
detest; you lied to your customers!

At this point, I am literally ready to give up on scuba diving education! Your program is successfully moving through all of the major players in the scuba diving industry. Now, you have people making video reviews about their experiences with you! Here is a video review from Terrence Tysall, NAUI Training Director:

You have found a niche that I really think that needs to be addressed, but again, I can't emphasize enough to anyone that is actually going to hear it, this is NOT new. Where my frustration lies is that you are traveling around the world and sharing these insights and crap is still hemorrhaging out of the dive community. This doesn't mean that you are going to single-handedly going to be the catalyst we've needed, but that I want instructors, agencies, and dive shops to start treating students like people and get the target off their wallets. I believe everyone has the right to make a living, but if the part of industry that is responsible for divers dying won't do anything about it, scuba is dead!

5/7/2017: UPDATE ~
Vimeo: Why ‘human error’ is a poor term if we are to improve diving safety. NAUI ICUE

"Presentation given by Gareth Lock and NAUI's ICUE 2017 event held at the Long Beach Scuba Show, LA. This thought-provoking and controversial presentation will focus on the need to change attitudes to human error in diving. Using audience participation exercises and diving case studies, he will show that the factors that we attribute to incidents and accidents are only really visible after the event because we are biased with hindsight and know what the outcome was, therefore we are able to join the dots to create the incident. However, in many cases, divers are unaware of which dots to look for, let alone that they will create a picture once joined up. Fundamentally, if ‘human error’ or ‘diver error’ appears in the conclusion of an accident or incident report, the investigation stopped too early. He will go on to explain how training which he has developed by taking the lessons learned from aviation and healthcare can improve individual and team performance in diving, making it a safer sport."

            (my original video commentary)

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