Thursday, April 5, 2018

RESPONSE TO ARTICLE: "Gateshead scuba diver's death was tragic accident, coroner rules | The Northern Echo"

Gateshead scuba diver's death was tragic accident, coroner rules | The Northern Echo

It appears that he had an inflator stick... So, how is it that an "experienced diver" doesn't disconnect the LP inflator hose right away, yet my students are taught this before they enter the pool! "Day one skills" are the essence of becoming an experienced diver not the number of dives you have or the Mount Everest of dives, "The Andrea Doria"

While it's sad that a diver lost his life, equipment malfunctions are very rare. Inflators are notorious for being neglected by divers when cleaning their own gear as well as during equipment servicing -- especially on rental gear!

Even when teaching drysuit courses, disconnecting the inflator hose comes off before attempting to remedy any other issues.

While there is always speculation and controversy when a diver dies, the lessons we learn from them very often fall back to lessons we should pay more attention to -- if you are ever taught them at all... 

Watch my full explanation of equipment set up poolside. This is what the student learns before even getting into the water:

Watch the section that discusses the inflator, a stuck inflator button, and disconnecting the LP hose:

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