Sunday, February 4, 2018

My response: 6 problems with the modern schooling system

I believe that there is a system problem in traditional forms of education. For me, I saw that the traditional way to teach scuba wasn't working and I was NOT going to follow in the footsteps of the past. Some say that scuba is just a sport... and the activity might be, but you have to learn about physics, physiology, and the technical aspects of the equipment to understand what is going to happen underwater in order for it now to kill you.

I see the dive industry in this vary predicament right now. People learn in different ways but the industry is moving into more elearning and less mentoring approaches. I give scuba 2 years for this house of cards to come tumbling down. There is a high correlation to traditional educational practices. As populations grow, the system is going to insist that the only way to meet all their needs is more elearning. I believe the answer is going to be more educators and mentoring or a Soctratic form of education -- smaller groups. If it doesn't happen, the innovators that the video spoke of will be the only onew that will be able to lead us into the future.

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