Friday, May 26, 2017

Scuba Review, Refresher, and Evaluation Program for Divers Out of Practice

If you would like to take an "educational only" version of this course, I offer the online text, quizes, final exam, and review of the contents within the "Solo Diving" educational presentation. A certificate of completion is awarded after your completion.

There is no diving involved, but there is a lot of good material to read through and add to your skills set. It can even help you to become a better dive buddy!

Lastly, as a special gift to you, you'll get a personalized  evaluation of your current diving experiences and practices which we'll create a plan of action for your future diving goals and ambitions.

Take a sneak peak, here:

This certificate is not recognized by SDI, other certifying agencies, or myself as a "Solo Diving," "Scuba Diving," "Open Water," "Specialty," or "Ranking" program. Completion of this certificate program cannot be applied toward the SDI Solo Diving Course. I am offering these insights to solely improve your mindset as a diver especially if your skills have degraded or if you feel your existing certification left out a lot of the education on situational awareness, gas management, and risk assessment.

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