Sunday, October 1, 2017

Private Scuba Instruction vs Group Classes / Read by Computer Generated ...

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"Who's the Barber, here?"

The questions and a discussion...

What’s the difference between private instruction and group classes?

How much are group classes versus independent instruction?
Are there any costs not included with this payment?
Do you have a student agreement?

Group classes aren't always less expensive and private instruction is not always more expensive...

Who's going to be your instructor?

Will my instructor be female or male?

Does it matter which certification agency the dive shop or the instructor teaches through?

How deep will the certification be good to?

Are my skill transferable to another agency?

Are there any skills not taught by this agency?

Will my certification require certification dives?

How many certification dives are required?

Will I be certified to dive autonomously or only under direct supervision from a dive professional?

Is any equipment required to be purchased?

What is the transfer process from junior diver to autonomous diver?

Ask the instructor if they are affiliated with a dive shop or are independent...

Does the instructor pay their own insurance or does the shop?

Do you get an hourly wage, commission, or salary?

Will anyone be assisting in the training and what are their qualifications?

How long has the instructor been diving?

How many dives have they logged?

Where have they done most of your diving?

What other qualifications do they have?

If the dive shop offers training from various training agencies, what standards are followed?

Does everyone pass?

If a student doesn't pass, what happens?

Learn to dive for yourself, not be pressured into learning for another...

Who's the Barber, here?

Will the student get an opportunity to do a dive with just their dive buddy after completion of the last cert dive?

Are you building a dive community that I can be a part of?

What is different between the Junior Diver and Autonomous Diver programs?

How many children will be in the water at any one time when teaching Junior Divers?

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