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Scuba diving and sign language don't mix. Don't sign and dive! Focus on ...


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As a leader in the dive industry, I've grown personally and professionally by challenging myself to consider alternatives perspectives. Failing to challenge established methods, modalities, and techniques will only doom us to continue to make the same mistakes. I am grateful to my mentors that have helped to shape me as an person which has ultimately resulted in becoming the best diving instructor for my students.

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I found a post within a forum that shows a failure in scuba diving education. I'm really very surprised about the number of people that don't see how incredibly dangerous incorporating American Sign Language (ASL) into scuba diving practices are. I believe that having access to scuba diving regardless of handicap is imperative. So much so that I've taught divers with various disabilities. However, the common theme with every student is NEVER their disability rather their ability. Even without a physical disability there is a lot to learn during the educational process. Scuba diving is physically challenging not to mention emotionally. The new diver will learn to use muscles they never thought about, overcome urges to do things that could result in injury or death, as well as having to manage equipment that has no correlation in the terrestrial world.... (the rest of the description is in the video)

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