Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year...!!! New Year's Goals and New Year's Day Specials...

Happy New Year...!!!

2017 is going to be a fantastic year.

I have a list of things that I have on my calendar for the year to come. I hope you will be a part of them. If you see this on January 1st, you'll get to help me celebrate with a discount if you sign up TODAY only...

Anything you buy today is good for anytime during 2017

my goals AND (specials*) are:

• One try scuba per month ($25 = $25 off)
• Scuba based contests of skills (PRIZES)
• One trip to Puget Sound for weekend of diving per month
• One presentation per month with local schools and businesses (Can I come to YOUR business?)
• One YouTube video per week (requests accepted)
• Scuba Diver Courses: 4 students per month ($450/$550 = $100-$200 off)
• Specialties: 2 independent specialties per month ($100 = $50 off)
• Advanced Diver: 4 per year ($350 = $100 off)
• Master Diver: 2 per year ($300 = $50 off)
• Divemaster: 1 per year ($500 course + $250 materials = $200 off)
• Advanced Nitrox & Decompression Procedures: 4 per year ($300/$500 = $100-$200 off)
• Trips: Catalina, Canada, Mexico, and...  (I MUST DIVE WARM WATER)

* not all courses require purchase of educational materials; some courses require certification dives; certification cards are $20 each; travel and lodging not included; equipment rentals not included

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