Saturday, September 23, 2017

Group Scuba Diving Lessons at Discount Prices. Payment Plans Available.

Payment Options

Group Scuba Diving Lessons at Discount Prices

Group classes will be offered once a month for those that want to learn, aren't on a deadline, and would like to save a few dollars. This course has a flat rate and includes course work, pool time, equipment rental, lodging, certification dives, and certification card.

The student rate is $500.00 each and 8 students are required to attend. Once the program begins, only paid substitutions are possible.

Once the 8 spots are filled, the student will have 2 weeks to complete self study. 2 weeks later we meet for the educational review. 2 weeks later, 4 students meet for the pool and 2 days later the remaining 4 meet for their pool. Lastly, 2 weeks later beginning Thursday and Ending Sunday, we go to the Puget Sound for 4 days of diving.
Lodging is dorm-style where everyone gets a bed. Food is not included but the dorm has a full kitchen. Transportation is not included but carpooling is very likely and encouraged.

A tentative schedule would look like this:

• Student begin self-study (10/1/2017)

• Educational review (10/15/2017)

• Pool day (Tuesday ~ 10/31/2017)

• Pool day (Thursday ~ 11/2/2017)

• Open Water (11/16/2017, 2:00pm to 11/19/2017, 12:00pm)

Call 503-935-2698 or e-mail me for more information.
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