Saturday, December 31, 2016

Open Water Scuba Diving Presentation: Tanks and Proper Weighting (part 1)

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Deciding which size cylinder to use to match your diving goals or needs can be daunting. Getting a tank with a larger volume can mean longer dives but it could also mean having a greater reserve to count on. When i first started diving i was a TOTAL air hog. Not only did i go through air like it was going out style but it seemed like everyone was getting to do really long dives. When i bought my first really large cylinder i thought i was being really smart. I'll never run out of air NOW but when i had to carry that DAMN thing around i really started to wonder what was i thinking. I got sucked into buying a low pressure cylinder first thinking that i could get more air out of it by just over-filling it.

I now i know you're not suppose to do that but those were the early days and i really thought it wasn't a big deal. As time went by i was able to relax a little and my air consumption went down. What was really happening was that i was just WAY to impatient and always going to fast. It seemed a little weird at first telling myself to go slower because the only thing i wanted to do was get into the water like it was yesterday. I remember hearing people talking about air consumption but i really didn't know there was anything you could do about it. As time went by and i learned to slow down and relax i was able to cut my air consumption down by half if not more.

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