Thursday, March 24, 2016

Do you live in The Dalles and the nearest dive shop is too far? Well, I am a private independent scuba diving instructor and I'll come to you...!!!

Watch a video about NAUI and The Definition of Diving

Scuba Diving Lessons

The Dalles, Oregon

Do you live in The Dalles and want to learn how to scuba dive?


I am a private and independent NAUI Scuba Diving Instructor. While I live in Portland, I want to certify divers. I will come to you for the education. If you have access to a pool, we can do all the pool work there, too. If not, you can come to me. Want to do all your water work in the Puget Sound? We can do that. It's the way it used to be done.
Check out my main website homepage for all the information you will need to get your classes started. Because I'm independent, I don't own a dive shop and there is no pressure to buy equipment. You only need a mask and snorkel. Everything else can be rented.


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