Thursday, June 1, 2017

AirBuddy -- Self Contained Underwater Drowning Apparatus -- Crowdfunding

Crowdfunded Scuba Diving Gear Lets You Explore Underwater Without A Tank | SnapMunk

"Going back to the 6-12 meter range, this enables users to explore the ocean depths while still not having to worry about decompression sickness – an important aspect should an emergency occur."

You have just guaranteed the insolvency of this company! Anyone saying to not worry about decompression sickness (DCS) is a fool. While one is not likely to get DCS at those depths, there is only one way to prevent it. Secondly, DCS is not the only underwater injury that can occur. Without proper training, over-expansion injuries and air embolism is a very real possibility.

There is a way to properly endorse this product but to start with defining scuba as  "... a complex activity which requires users to don cumbersome equipment and complete extensive certifications" or have to deal with "complicated logistics" is not the way.

Sorry investors, but I do not recommend this product!

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