Thursday, March 2, 2017

DAN, Divers Alert Network, New Program: Prepared Diver... Sign up now!

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DAN, Divers Alert Network, has a new program: PREPARED DIVER. If you'd like to take it, click here:
Carlos Aguilar
DAN Instructor #14842
DAN Member #1803692
To sign up for DAN Insurance, Click HERE:
Prepared Diver is an informative and engaging video-based program for students and new divers that details proper diving behaviors and safe diving procedures. A complement to the entry-level certification, this course offers insight into the science behind fundamental diving skills and highlights best practices vital to making good diving decisions.
18 short videos included and the following course materials
Giant Stride: The NEW Diver's Guide To Safe Diving
7 Mistakes Divers Make: And How to Avoid Them
Prepare smarter with these safety guidelines
13 Ways to Run Out Of Air & How Not to: The most common ways to run out of air with tips on preventing emergencies
Beat the Squeeze: Equalize Like a Pro -- How your ears respond to pressure with tips for equalizing
Know Before You Go: How To Plan Your Dive Trip -- Checklists, health and safety tips, gear care guidelines, and more

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Sailfin Sculpin are one of my favorite fish in the Puget Sound...

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