Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Who is that Patty girl you keep talking about?

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Who is that Patty girl you keep talking about?

I knew a Patty in 2006, but I haven't seen her since then. Wouldn't that be weird if that was the same girl? I'll try to describe her the best I can...

She was shorter than average. Very black and white thinking. She was always using a checklist to get things done. She came off kind of arrogant sometimes because she thought the world should learn to do things the way she did. She expected everyone to be a master at everything right away. I always thought mastery was a process achieved over years...

For some reason, when I think of her, she seems to remind me of an angry villager chasing Frankenstein's monster through the countryside with torches... She was at the front of the mob handing out torches to everyone whether they wanted one or not... I guess being part of a crazy mob has it's appeal, but I grew out of those experiences as a teenager. I won't jump off the bridge because everyone else is doing it and I definitely don't want anyone I love to jump off either. Why would anyone want their loved ones to get hurt?

I think she hung around a couple of old dudes that were drunk all the time. They drank a lot of cheep whiskey, too... Johnnie Walker, if I remember. One thing I learned early on, if your palate doesn't get a little more refined as you get older, you've either got no taste or others have been telling you what you're supposed to like.

She live in her parents basement but she was known to have a couch in every country. I guess it's cool to have done so much traveling but what kind of vacation is it when you're only in the country for 15 minutes and barely get a chance to get your ears wet. For me, the quality of the trip always was more important than the number of trips... I can recall what every trip was like, who it was with, and what stood out about it.

The worst part was that she was always borrowing money. At first it was just a nickel or dime, but then quarter or two. Eventually she'd suck out a dollar or more. I felt like I was playing that crane game. I'd put another dollar in to try to win that prize but it would keep falling out of the machine's claw. I think that game is fixed or rigged.

Anyway, when you said her name, it just brought up old memories... Shit! Nightmares... Stay away from Patty.

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