Monday, December 8, 2014

A new JCA Elite Scuba Partner

Scuba Diving Lessons for Women by Women

Learn to Scuba Dive in the most beautiful place on Earth...

Sea Fox Divers provides the best scuba diving lessons in the Portland and Vancouver areas. Your scuba diving certification will be taught on your schedule, where you can take as long as you want with individualized and personal attention. Finish your certification in a few days or a few weeks. There is never a rush to have to keep up with others or at their pace. Learning modes include textbook, online learning, DVD, and every student will receive direct facilitation from a Scuba Diving Instructor . 

a little about Callie Renfro...

She got certified in 2010 and loved diving so much that she immediately started to take specialties courses. She started diving the Oregon Coast almost every weekend, and with lots of dives under her belt, became a Dive Control Specialist in 2012. Encouraged to keep learning and wanting to teach, she quickly made the jump to PADI Assistant Instructor that same year. In 2013 she achieved Open Water Instructor and now strives towards teaching advanced specialties.

Callie mostly dives in the Pacific Northwest. During the winter months she loves crab diving at Netarts Bay. Every year she spends two weeks diving the warm waters of Isla Mujeres, Mexico, home of the Cancun Underwater Museum (MUSA). These life-sized statues were created to promote reef growth and provide marine life habitat.

One of Callie's greatest passions is deep diving. Her favorite dive so far was diving the Cenotes in Tulum, Mexico, which pushes her desired to become a Cave Diver. 

Contact Callie Renfro at for more information, to schedule an appointment, or learn more scuba diving!

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