Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Clear Lake Camp and Dive near Sisters Oregon

Clear Lake Camp & Dive September 6 - September 7 Clear Lake near Sisters, Oregon . Come to Clear Lake near Sisters, Oregon for some diving in one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Renowned for it's underwater petrified forest and unlimited visibility, it's a dive that everyone must cross off their list of places to dive. The water temperature is usually around 40 degrees in the summer, so I highly recommend diving in a drysuit. If you are a current or past student, only $100 for drysuit specialty. If you'd like to camp out Saturday night, there is a campsite about a mile down the road. It's a great, free spot to camp and hike. A cool trail follows the river that leads to an amazing waterfall. For those that don't want to rough it, the park offers really nice cabins. Hope to see you soon. --carlos

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Sailfin Sculpin are one of my favorite fish in the Puget Sound...

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