Monday, March 26, 2018

Introducing the "Open Water Traveler PRO" Referral Scuba Diving Program (Copyright © 2013-2018 by Juan Carlos Aguilar and JCA Elite Scuba. All Rights Reserved)

I've created a "Scuba Diving Referral Program" called Open Water Traveler PRO©. It will includes: the educational component, pool sessions, and one day of diving, locally. For the diver that's planning to travel to tropical locales and want to complete their certification dives at their dive destination, this is the program for them!

Unlike the regular Open Water Traveler (the referral program requiring 4 dives over 2 days), the student will only need one day and two dives at their destination to receive their open water scuba diver certification. This program is faster, more through than any traditional referral, and the student will also get to experience diving in the Pacific Northwest! 

Four dives are still required but seeing as certification dives do not need to be completed in one continuous weekend, this model will fit even a greater number of students looking forward to scuba diving at their dive destination without the probability of 2-3 days devoted to just completing an educational program.

I came up with this idea in order to add the extra level of education the student needs as well as give the student a clear and concise understanding of what they should be getting everywhere they go. If they don't get what they are expecting, they'll still be prepared well above and beyond those that arrive at their dive destination without any open water experiences.

Additionally, if the diver had already planned to do two days of diving at their destination, this will bring them up to 6 logged open water dives. More dives are always a good idea.

"Every dive is a dream come true."
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