Saturday, January 13, 2018

Cave diving in recreational scuba gear. Jonathan Bird's Blue World

Message left on their blog post and extra details here on my blog...

Not sure why this was 2012 and Jonathan Bird just released it now.

I do have a question, though. While I know those cave systems are in your backyard and you probably stayed right on the gold line, I was bothered by so many practices contrary to cave diving guidelines. I get the single tank with the H-valve, but Jonathan had a redundant regulator, NOT a redundant gas supply. To that extent, there could have been tanks staged everywhere and the video we saw was the edited final version. None the less, it sets an uncomfortable precedence for every diver not to have redundant systems.

Jonathan has a habit of showing things that a lot of divers shouldn't be doing. I guess Steve Irwin's death wasn't enough to take a step back. Showing divers in recreational scuba equipment cave diving is probably not a good idea either. Someone will follow their examples.

Florida cave systems have warning signs at the cave entrances, and while these may be on private property, it still sets a bad precedent.

Perhaps you can shed some light on the dive, the background, etc.

I know that Jonathan was cave trained at some point in his dive career, but cave diver training that ignores the precepts taught seems like an accident waiting to happen.

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