Thursday, August 17, 2017

Fuck the Solar Eclipse Let's Go Diving

So, all the reports say gridlock will be so bad that traffic jams are already starting to emerge. 

I say, Fuck the eclipse and let's go diving. I'm currently above the totality line, so it will get darker in the Pacific Northwest nonetheless. 

To that effect, with all the hoopla, you can surely guarantee that there will be more YouTube videos showing the best eclipse footage from everywhere across the country.

Also, lets say the weather gets cloudy and rainy... so much for the time, money, and effort put into looking a shadow!

Has anyone really thought about this...??? You are risking traffic, lack of services, gridlock, and  being in your car for 3 days for a FUCKING shadow! 

Join me in Hoodsport on Monday and let's be underwater at 10am!!!

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