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A review of my video, "Jerry Seinfeld says, "who aaaaaarrrre these people?"

A review of my video, "Jerry Seinfeld says, "who aaaaaarrrre these people?" How did they become scuba certified?" (original video)

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I created this video on January 24, 2017 because there are some divers out there that have been trained poorly. It seems that every other video show divers that are freaked out, destroying the dive site, or nearly kill themselves. For the longest time, there was very little traffic on this video, then, out of nowhere on April 28, 2017, I got 211 views in one day! Suffice it to say, someone must have told someone and the word spread. As of today, I have 562 views.

My video illustrated these things:

1) Two divers on the ocean floor and creating a cloud of silt
2) A diver kneeling on the ocean floor and another that looks like they are walking
3) A silt cloud so large that you can barely make out the divers
4) A diver is a lot deeper than the others while only two divers are close enough to each other to help each other if needed
5) A diver is having to go vertical to clear their mask
6) It looks like the diver is at about a 45 degree angle and bicycling their kicks
7) A diver is using their arms to propel themselves
8) A diver bicycling during their kicking
9) A diver alone and on top of a huge patch of kelp
10) A diver's octo is hanging off their side and everyone in the picture is vertical
11) Two divers vertical in the water and standing on the ocean floor
12) Vertical divers
13) This diver is vertical and arms and legs stretched out like they just scored a touchdown!
14) All the divers in the picture are kneeling on the bottom while video recording
15) Divers kicking up silt and all of them dragging their fins across the ocean floor, one of them looks like actually dragging their fins on a structure
16) Three divers on the ocean floor, two kneeling, one in the "fin pivot" position
17) Three divers in the scene, everyone too far away from each other, and one diver is turned on their side
18) I found a video with the title, "PADI ADVANCED OPEN WATER CHECK OUT DIVE JULY 3-4, 2016" when I did a search for, "scuba padi advanced divers." It was published on 7/17/2016 and says they completed, "deep, night, drift, wreck, peak performance buoyancy, and navigation"
19) From the "Advanced Dives in #18 (above): Navigation, vertical in the water and looking down on the compass; A diver has a nudibranch in their bare hands; Three divers vertical in the water; Three divers in the background vertical in the water while the diver in the foreground has their left hand on their primary 2nd stage; A diver is on their side with one leg stretched out like they falling down...

About a month after I made this video, I was thinking, "Who were these diver's instructors?" During their training, I suspect that their instructors were thinking some crazy things to themselves, so I made a video titled, "Top 10 Things You Never Hear the Instructor Say OUT LOUD..."

Yesterday, I found a blog post from Cave Diver Harry in November of 2013, "10 Ways to Tell Your Students Are Not Ready for Open Water" that talked about this vary same thing! He even has his own video in the blog. Here is what his list is comprised of:

1) They can't clear a mask without significant stress
2) They can't do a proper kick
3) They think 20 pounds is okay with a 3 mm suit
4) They go vertical as soon as they stop swimming
5) They think it's okay not to clip off octopuses and consoles
6) and 7) They think it's okay to stand, sit, or kneel on the bottom
8) They can't get neutral without doing a "fin pivot"
9) They can only hover while sitting like a Buddha
10) Buoyancy Control Turtle disapproves of their flailing

You can watch his video here:

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