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BBB Warns of Arlington Scuba Certification Program | Arlington Scuba Ins...

I understand that scuba is an equipment intensive sport and it has some upfront expenses. However, anyone that has been in business for a while should not be charging $399 for full certification especially from a brick an mortar location. Think about all the overhead, the equipment, rentals, liability, wages, insurance, etc. No one goes into the business of scuba to pay someone to learn how to dive. If he were just starting out, new business can benefit from welcome pricing. As far as Groupon, Living Social, Yelp, and other like it... they are a great way to advertise, but I've heard that some have lost money on those deals. You have to be a smart consumer. 180 people got ripped off? That guy does NOT look like Bernie Madoff.

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BBB Warns of Arlington Scuba Certification Program

Arlington Scuba Instructor Loses Certification

"It amazes me that something so inherently dangerous like breathing underwater attracts people that want to pay as little as possible. Don't get me wrong, I love a good deal. But, I want the best doctor, the best auto mechanic, the best teachers, and the best scuba diving instructor."

Scuba is relatively safe nowadays. However, sometimes new divers don't make good decisions. Finding a scuba mentor helps one learn from small mistakes. Don't become an accident statistic waiting to happen. Know what you are paying for!

We've all heard sayings regarding being a cautious consumer but some just never learn. Likewise, everyone thinks the have the best investment strategy. One thing is clear, money comes and goes. Sometimes, it goes faster than it should. When you're reading or listening through all of these, please remember to invest wisely!

Here is a long list of smart things you might need to hear... If you've heard them before, why are you still reading...?

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