Monday, November 9, 2015

The new year is almost upon us and some changes are in the works...

2015 has been pretty good (more than double of what I did in 2014), even with a few slow months. I've decided to step it up a notch or three starting the beginning of 2016. My plan is to raise my rates... my last rate increase of July of 2014. Once that happens, with the focus on finding new students (my "year" of students) and the addition of TDI's Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures Programs, I foresee lots of great diving opportunities.

To start, I'm thinking of at least one local boat trip per month, one international trip per year, and I want to set a goal of one new Divemaster per year, too. My goals have been all over the place if not very relaxed because I considered the first year, "the year of infrastructure" with the second year, "the year of relationships." As I've been on my own (no dive shop and not selling equipment), many of the businesses I partnered with have reported being happy with how things have gone. I want to do something to build on that. Many of the other professionals out there thought that being a full-time instructor without a shop couldn't work. I've not only seen opportunities to teach divers everywhere, I've found a pretty cool niche.

I've really missed technical diving, especially cave diving. I started technical diving in 2007, barely a year after my open water certification, and now, I want to do something more with it! I'm not sure yet what it will be, but cave diving has presented it self so many times in the last few months with meeting a couple new cave divers and seeing a fellow instructor and friend get her cave diving certification! I really miss deep wreck diving too, and I'm definitely eyeing some of the wrecks in Canada to start exploring.

If anyone has thought about setting any personal diving goals, I'd like to meet with you in person to put it into a formal plan, in writing and set dates for classes, dives, and awarding of certifications. One of the things that I've seen being the greatest asset to building the business, finding new students, fostering new diving relationships, and doing lots of diving, has been my flexibility of scheduling. As I've gotten busier, I'm finding that my calendar is seeing fewer days available for unscheduled events. I think its time to use a calendar to my advantage. This will allow me to think about what 2017 will bring or planning for far down the road!

If you have dives, classes, and certifications to finish, don't worry. Part of my plan will be to push all of you a little harder to make your goals happen sooner than later. Again, my programs will never expire, so you can still take your time. I'm also looking forward to meeting with some of the members of my group that haven't started their dive training yet. It's time to get the tank rolling.

OH...!!! Those of you that have starting to pop out babies or have them on the way, I'm not letting you off the hook that easy. I will get you back in the water even if I have to drag you to Hawaii or Mexico to do it!

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