Monday, December 8, 2014

Buy locally or online...

FRIENDS AND STUDENTS... A CONVERSATION I HAD THIS MORNING... I KNOW THERE ARE MANY OF YOU THAT NEED IT NOW, WANT IT NOW, BUT PLEASE...***ASK ME FIRST*** I ***DO NOT*** WORK FOR A SHOP AND YOUR BEST INTEREST IS MY FIRST PRIORITY I'VE SPENT TENS OF THOUSANDS ON EQUIPMENT AND TRAINING. PLEASE DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES I DID. THERE ARE ALWAYS GOOD DEALS OUT THERE, AND SOMETIMES THERE IS NOT... Student: I found a used aqualung apeks black ice for $300 And I'm looking at a brand-new aqualung LUX legend regulator + aqualung legend octo for $950 Carlos: That's a good price for the BCD. Is it in working order? The regs... Are they new or used? Student: Yes on the BCD and the rags are new Carlos: Where are they selling them Student: eBay Carlos: FYI. If you buy on eBay you will not get a warranty. New or not... You also don't get parts for life on the annual reg service. They will be as is... Student: The manufacture should cover the warranty If they're going to stand behind their Carlos: I know a good deal is important, but please let me look at what you want first... Student: I want the best without paying top dollar Carlos: Nope. Sorry dude. Original factory warranty only applies to purchases from authorized retailers at MAP pricing. Aqualung and Scubapro set those rules in effect to prevent online sellers from killing them. Student: These are all valid concerns and I appreciate your professional opinion, I guess I'm just looking for the best deal for the best equipment Carlos: I'm here to help you make good scuba choices... Online sometimes can be a good deal on used and older equipment , but for new, you can get screwed. Do you know that the retail store won't give you a better deal? Student: No I don't know that. I have compare the prices though to new and it's a couple hundred dollars savings per Carlos: I can bring you to several shops that sell all the manufacturers... You should let them give you a quote before buying. You never know if their price is better and there is nothing worse than buyers remorse. Student: true Carlos: Again, I don't sell equipment and I don't get any kickback or benefit from bringing you to a retailer, but I've been a retail customer for 8 years too, and I've screwed on both by not being informed. All I ask is for you to slooooow down. Student: The BCD ends at 20:00 tonight It retails for 600 everywhere you look on line Carlos: Manufacturer warranty is a funny thing. it could be useless and it could be invaluable. Some manufacturers also offer free service kits when you buy new. During your annual service that can save you $100. In two years you break even, still have a warranty and start saving going forward... The more you know buddy! I would recommend wait, but its your $$$... I'm not giving wrong info... Student: In light of this new information I will reconsider I am at the mother-in-law's place trying to dog proof the yard today rebuilding some fence sections as I am being deployed for approximately three to four weeks Carlos: There are always specials and deals... Wait... However you do it, I want you to be safe... Money is not everything but buying as is online can be, CAN BE, good or bad... It takes experience. I'm asking you to wait. None of the places I'll bring you will ever make you feel pressured to buy and you will not be suckered into buying more than you need... Be safe during your trip. Student: Until we meet again. Mahalo! Carlos: cheers

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